Mining How-To

Learn how to earn your very own Biblepay coins the easy way


You are now nearly done with all the setup, only one important point is left: There is something called Staking in use with Biblepay and Rosetta@home. To get the full reward for your work, you need to prove that you already have BiblePay coins. Without that, you will receive a smaller reward.

This is done to prevent strong Botnets to overtake the Mining and harm all others, but it makes it a little bit harder for new miners to start mining. (You can choose to use to mine without the need for staking your own BBP. The pool will cover the staking for you at the cost of a fee.)

When you stake your own coins you don't need to spend them. You only need to have them in your BiblePay Wallet. That's all.

Your work in Rosetta@home is counted in RAC, a credit system used by Rosetta@home itself. More work will result in more RAC. To get 100% of your work rewarded, you need 20 biblepay coins (bbp) per RAC. The result is called UTXO weight.
Example: If you have 10,000 RAC, you would need 200'000 bbp in your Wallet to get the full reward.

BiblePay gives a 1000 BBP to every new BiblePay Researcher as a welcome-gift and to enable you to stake immediately. In order to receive BBP from that faucet go to, register or log in, go to 'Faucet > Faucet', enter your BiblePay address and CPID, complete the calculations, and click send.

The requirements for receiving BBP from are:

  • Your CPID must be a member of team Biblepay in Rosetta@Home or World Community Grid
  • You must have a CPID that has not been paid by the faucet previously
  • You must have more than 100 RAC in either Rosetta@Home or World Community Grid
  • You must not be in any biblepay superblock as a researcher
  • Your IP must not have received a faucet reward in the past


With everything setup, it is time to see your performance. After one day of Rosetta@home working, visit the Biblepay-Central PoDC Leaderboard and enter your Rosetta@Home Username, CPID or your Biblepay Address assigned to Rosetta@home and see your personal statistics. If your statistic isn't visible yet, please wait another day.

It is best to bookmark your personal PoDC Page on Biblepay-Central, as it will always contain your current statistics. 

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