Mining How-To

Learn how to earn your very own Biblepay coins the easy way

Register with Rosetta@home

Rosetta@home is a volunteer distributed computing project by the Baker laboratory, University of Washington, running on the BOINC plattform of the University of California, Berkeley. 

First, visit the Rosetta@home homepage and click on "Sign up"

Open Rosetta@home homepage

Join the BiblePay Team

You need to join the BiblePay Team for our network to be able to detect you. To join, please open your Rosetta@home Account page and look for "find a team".


On the next page, input "Biblepay" in the search field and click "Search"


On the result list, click on the "Biblepay" link.


On the Biblepay-Team detailpage, click on the "join this team" link


On your account page, you will now see that you had joined the Biblepay Team


Your Rosetta@home account is now ready, time to install the software.

Next step: Choose your Path



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