Mining How-To

Learn how to earn your very own Biblepay coins the easy way

Multi-PC mining

When you have setup everything, the very first question most users have is: How do I mine on multiple PCs?

This is an important questions, as multiple PCs do infact increase your reward of BBP for PoDC (Rosetta@Home) and PoW (Proof of Power or Proof of Biblehash) mining. The they are good news: For most of the time, the setup is quite simple.


They are no special tasks to do for Multi-PC work with Rosetta@Home. Simply install the BOINC Client on as many PCs as you like and login on every maschine in the same way you have learned in this guide already.

Proof of Power Mining

Mining with Multiple PCs for Proof of Power will add additional mining PCs alongside for already setup main pc. Your main PC still needs to send the podc updates and must run 24h or at least multiple times a day for a longer period.

Here is the trick:

  1. First PC: When the main PC is setup correctly, shutdown Biblepay
  2. Second PC: Start biblepay and let it sync the blockchain
  3. Second PC: Stop biblepay after the sync
  4. First PC: Copy the "wallet.dat" from your personal BiblepayCore directory and paste it to the BiblepayCore  directory on your second pc. Overwrite an existing wallet.dat, if needed
    1. Linux: You will find it in "~/.biblepaycore"
    2. Windows: Your personal directory, AppData/Roaming/BiblepayCore
  5. First PC: Copy the biblepay.conf from your first to your second PC
  6. Second PC: Edit the file on your second PC to disable the sending of PoDC updates from the second pc (only one PC should to that)
    1. Add the line: 
  7. All PCs: Start biblepay, now all of them should mine