Mining How-To

Learn how to earn your very own Biblepay coins the easy way

Frequently Asked Questions

0. My Computer is now downloading the blockchain. What is wrong?
Most basic problem: Your time or date of the computer is wrong. Ensure that it is right, even the seconds!

1. Can I run Biblepay and Rosetta@Home on different computers?
Yes, you can do that.  

2. Does Biblepay need to run while I use Rosetta@home:
No, and yes. You will only get Biblepay coins from Rosetta@home when the Biblepay Wallet is sending your Rosetta@home Status at least once a day to the Biblepay Blockchain. If you run biblepay only for a short time, then you must submit the status updates by yourself. Open Tools -> Debug Console in the Biblepay Wallet and enter "exec podcupdate" in the input field and press enter

3. Can I run run Rosetta@home on multiple computers?
Yes, you can. Simple repeat the steps to install Rosetta@home on the computers. You do NOT need to install Biblepay on the other computers, one Biblepay Wallet on the "main" PC is enough.

4. Can I run multiple Proof of Power Miners with Biblepay?
Yes, but you need to copy the wallet.dat from your main pc and copy it to the biblepaycore Directory of your additional system. Only do that AFTER the CPID was accepted, or it won't work. Best it to wait 24h before you setup additional Biblepay Miners.

You also need to add the following line in the biblepay.conf on the additional machines:

5. Where can I see my next Payment for Rosetta@Home calculations?
You can see your next payment on PoDC Leaderboard. Just search for your username or CPID.

6. How to debug Problems with the Mining or Rosetta@Home?
There are a couple of commands in biblepay that will help you to debug problems with the Mining or Rosetta@Home. You can run these commands on the command line on Servers (biblepay-cli [COMMAND]) or via the Debug Console in the Desktop Client.

  • getinfo: Basic info about your installation. Important is your Wallet Version and "blocks". If "blocks" is zero or lower then what the Block Explorer are showing, then your installation is broken.
  • getmininginfo: Shows the current status of the PoW Mining on this system.
  • exec getboincinfo: Shows the important Rosetta@Home statistics. Ensure that you are in the right Team, have a UTXOWeight  over 0 and aTaskWeight over 0.
  • exec stakebalance: Shows the coins your wallet will use for UTXOWeight

7. Can I protect my Wallet with a Password and still mine coins?
Yes, that is possible.

On the Desktop Client, you can do that with the menu, the system will ask you the password on starttime and when you do transactions.

On the Server, run: 
biblepay-cli encryptwallet "PASSPHRASE"

After everytime you started the daemon, run: 
biblepay-cli -headlesspodcpassword exec podcpasswordlength
Then enter the password when asked. Important: It will only work after the daemon is fully started, so you might need to wait one Minute until it works. 

8. How do I check if i'm on the right Blockchain?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the first block number in the first column
  3. Run "getblockhash [HEIGHT/BLOCK NUMBER]"  (via command line or Debug Tool in your Desktop Client)
  4. Compare the result with "BBP block:" on the Block Explorer. If the numbers are different, you have a problem.

If you are on a different block chain, it is best to delete your BiblepayCore Directory EXCEPT the wallet.dat and biblepay.conf and restart the client.




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