Getting your first Biblepay Coins

A small guide for beginners


The first step in everybodys journey into BiblePay starts with the download of the Wallet. The Version you need depends on your operating system. You can find all versions here.

Collect staking-bonus for new BiblePay Researchers

We give a 1000 BBP to every new BiblePay Researcher as a welcome-gift. This BBP can be used as you please, but it is primarily meant as a way to start staking immediately.

In order to receive the staking-bonus go to pool.biblepay.orgregister or log in, go to ‘Faucet > Faucet’, enter your BiblePay address and your CPID, and click ‘send’.

The requirements for receiving BBP from are:

Use a Faucet  is an easy to use Faucet without registration. has a faucet for the 'staking-bonus' (see above). If you're a Researchers and not on Team-BiblePay, you can collect 2 BBP from this faucet. This is called the 'Non-BiblePay Faucet'.

Earn coins

Another good way of getting coins is by earning them:

Buy Biblepay Coins on an Exchange

The easiert way of getting Biblepay Coins in larger amounts is by buying them on one of the following Exchanges:

Mine your own Coins

With at least 1 BBP in you wallet, you can mine your own Biblepay Coins. Just follow read and follow our easy Mining How-To:

Read the Mining How-To


Get coins for helping the Community

Biblepay is a Community project, everything done for Biblepay is done by volunteers. These volunteers can proposals to get Biblepay Coins for there work. Proposals will be accepted and paid out if enough owners of Santuaries (Masternodes) accept them.